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Space Technology - avto-sovetu.ru

Коммутатор Space Technology ST-S163POE

15848 RUR
ST-S163POE Space Technology

Space Technology / ST-S163POE / похожие


Видеодомофон Space Technology ST-M100/7 (S) White

4117 RUR
ST-M100/7 Space Technology

Space Technology / ST-M100/7 / похожие


Вызывная панель Space Technology ST-P100 Grey

1990 RUR
ST-P100 Space Technology

Space Technology / ST-P100 / похожие


Вызывная панель Space Technology ST-P200 Black

3309 RUR
ST-P200 Space Technology

Space Technology / ST-P200 / похожие


Микрофон Space Technology ST-05R

319 RUR
ST-05R Space Technology

Space Technology / ST-05R / похожие


Видеорегистратор Space Technology ST-XVR800 PRO D

7150 RUR
Space Technology

Space Technology / / похожие


Микрофон Space Technology ST-65R Waterproof

720 RUR
ST-65R Space Technology

Space Technology / ST-65R / похожие


Вызывная панель Space Technology ST-P201 Black

3955 RUR
ST-P201 Space Technology

Space Technology / ST-P201 / похожие


Коммутатор Space Technology ST-S161POE

10499 RUR
ST-S161POE Space Technology

Space Technology / ST-S161POE / похожие


Видеодомофон Space Technology ST-M100/7 (S) Black

5341 RUR
ST-M100/7 Space Technology

Space Technology / ST-M100/7 / похожие


Space technology - Wikipedia

Space technology is technology developed by space science or the aerospace industry for use in spaceflight, satellites, or space exploration. Space technology includes spacecraft, satellites, space stations, and support infrastructure, equipment, and procedures.

Space Technology Mission Directorate | NASA

Technology drives exploration to the Moon, Mars and beyond. The Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) develops transformative space technologies to enable NASA’s future missions. NASA’s investments in revolutionary, American-made technologies provide solutions on Earth and in space.

Technology | NASA

NASA.gov brings you the latest images, videos and news from America's space agency. Get the latest on all things technology related from NASA.


SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft. The company was founded in 2002 to revolutionize space technology, with the ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets.

Space Technology - Space Exploration Technologies

Read about advancements in space and aerospace technologies, plus the latest news and articles about robotic technology and 3D printing.

Space Technology Experiments – Wikipedia

Der Space Technology Experiments -Satellit (auch STEX, USA-140 oder NROL-8) war ein US-amerikanischer Technologieerprobungssatellit des National Reconnaissance Office.

Space technology | VTT

Space technology solutions Remote sensing and intelligent data analysis using satellites and drones can provide assistance to fighting climate change and locating forest fires in early phases. Satellites can even trigger drones to do a more detailed imaging of the environment and guide public safety personnel in a catastrophic event.

PT Space Technology

Space Technology. Founded in 2002 and all products have been produced through and. meet the requirements of the Certified ISO 9001:2006 certification SNI. Main Office. Jalan Damar Blok F01 ~ 03, Delta Silicon II, Lippo Cikarang, Cibatu, Cikarang Selatan, Bekasi 17550, Jawa Barat, Indonesia. Contact +62 813 8430 0167 [email protected] Share by: ...

Euro Space Technology - Rocketworld


CleanSpace - Führend in Atemschutzgeräten & Atemschutzmasken

Der Spezialist für innovative u. hochwertige Herstellung von Atemschutzgeräten und Atemschutzmasken. CleanSpace-Atemschutzgeräte werden weltweit vertrieben.

Berlin Space Technologies

Berlin Space Technologies (BST) is a specialist for small satellite systems and technology. We build on a 30 year tradition of small satellites made in Berlin. BST is vertically integrated and offers reliable and cost-efficient end to end solutions for your mission.

Space Technology 5 – Wikipedia

Space Technology 5 (abgekürzt ST5) ist ein Satellitenprojekt der US-amerikanischen Raumfahrtbehörde NASA im Rahmen des New Millennium Programs zum Testen neuer Raumfahrttechnologien. Die Mission besteht aus drei Kleinstsatelliten, die am 22. März 2006 gemeinsam mit einer Pegasus-XL -Rakete gestartet wurden.

Aviation Week & Space Technology | Aviation Week Network

Aviation Week & Space Technology Oct 27, 2020. Chinese Space-Based Trackers May Add Carrier-Targeting Capability. The Oct. 12 launch of the Gaofen-13 satellite highlights China’s growing ...

AST GmbH - Products

AST is technology leader in high performant and miniaturized flow control components and units for space applications. Our devices use fluid SMD technology to reduce system size and mass and to allow series production. Key feature of fluid SMD is the significant reduced number of welds and a quality optimized manufacturing process.

ZARM: Space Technologies

The group of space system design and technologies is involved in various space missions on multiple platforms focussing on the payload or space system design as well as technology readiness maturing. This includes systems engineering, interface definition, high-precison thermal and mechanical simulations as-well-as CAD modelling. more...

Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad.

We welcome you to the Institute of Space Technology - a federally chartered degree awarding Institute established in 2002 under the aegis of Pakistan's National Space Agency. The programs offered are approved by The Higher Education Commission as well as The Pakistan Engineering Council. IST also offers Linked Graduate Programs in collaboration with foreign universities in a host of ...

Space technology | Article about space technology by The ...

The systematic application of engineering and scientific disciplines to the exploration and utilization of outer space. Space technology developed so that spacecraft and humans could function in this environment that is so different from the Earth's surface. Conditions that humans take for granted do not exist in outer space. Objects do not fall.

Incredible Technology - Space Travel and Exploration

At the center of space exploration beats a heart of incredible technological marvels and innovation that inspires scientists and engineers to reach for the stars. See some of the wildest space ...

Airspace Technologies

Airspace Technologies makes shipping faster, safer, and more transparent than ever before through people, service, and technology. Our vision is to create the most trusted delivery network the world has ever seen.

Open Space Technology - Wikipedia

Open Space Technology (OST) is a method for organizing and running a meeting or multi-day conference, where participants have been invited in order to focus on a specific, important task or purpose.. In contrast with pre-planned conferences where who will speak at which time is scheduled often months in advance, and therefore subject to many changes, OST sources participants once they are ...

New Era In Space Technology – Ausstellung vom 3.9. bis 15 ...

Ausstellung vom 3.9. bis 15.12.2020 im Design Center Linz, Europapl. 1, 4020 Linz, Austria

Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology | Journal ...

Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology incorporating Trenchless Technology Research is an international journal which publishes authoritative articles encompassing original research and case studies on the development of tunnelling technology, the use of underground space and trenchless technology. The journal is committed to publishing papers on the interdisciplinary aspects of planning ...


Bryce Space and Technology is an analytics and engineering firm that partners with technology and advanced R&D clients. We deliver government program support and business consulting. Government Support. Bryce is a SETA contractor with expertise in program management, acquisition support, and IT systems. We develop our own tools and predictive models that help clients make mission decisions to ...

Space Technology | Swinburne University of Technology

Space technology micro-courses What is happening in the Space industry? The space sector is one of the most exciting and inspiring industries today. Australian businesses can now enjoy unprecedented Australian Government support to disrupt their industries and foray into the space sector. The space industry is forecast to triple in size over the next 10 years, and is proving to be an industry ...

Space Technology: Game Changing Development

About Game Changing Development Program. The Game Changing Development Program is a part of NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate. The Program advances space technologies that may lead to entirely new approaches for the Agency’s future space missions and provide solutions to significant national needs.

Space Technology Hall of Fame - Space Foundation

The Space Technology Hall of Fame ® increases public awareness of the benefits of space exploration and encourages further innovation by recognizing individuals, organizations and companies that effectively adapt and market technologies originally developed for space to improve the quality of life for all humanity.. Created in 1988, the Space Technology Hall of Fame ® recognizes the life ...

Outlast - Certified Space Technology

In 2003, Outlast ® technology was designated a Certified Space Technology™ by the Space Foundation, a national non-profit dedicated to promoting space endeavors. As the developer of Outlast ® technology, Outlast received this prestigious seal of approval for the way in which its space technology enhances the lives of consumers. Outlast ® technology was originally developed for use in ...

NASA backs 18 new space technology projects for further ...

From smart spacesuits to solar surfing, 18 high-tech projects designed to push the envelope of space technology have been selected for the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program. The ...

Space Technology - Israel Aerospace Industries

Space Technology - IAI, the National Space House of Israel, is acting as a one-stop-shop for cost-effective small to medium size satellites

Singapore Space & Technology Ltd

SINGAPORE SPACE & TECHNOLOGY LTD Southeast Asia's leading space organisation, spearheading awareness and adoption of space-related technologies and business-focused initiatives to accelerate the high tech ecosystem. PROJECT CYCLOTRON A unique venture building programme that invests in and supports the most innovative space and deep tech startups LEARN MORE SINGAPORE SPACE CHALLENGE Join youths ...

What Is Open Space Technology? - OpenSpaceWorld.ORG

Open Space Technology is one way to enable all kinds of people, in any kind of organization, to create inspired meetings and events. Over the last 30+ years, it has also become clear that opening space, as an intentional leadership practice, can create inspired organizations, where ordinary people work together to create extraordinary results with […]

6 space technologies we can use to improve life on Earth ...

Danielle Wood leads the Space Enabled research group at the MIT Media Lab, where she works to tear down the barriers that limit the benefits of space explora...

Beijing New Space Technology a Termine - BÖRSE ONLINE

Beijing New Space Technology a Termine: Hier finden Sie die Termine-Seite für den Wert Beijing New Space Technology a. DAX. 0,60 % 11.626,3 TecDAX. 0,47 % 2.826,5 MDAX. 0,61 % 25.878,4 ...

Caltech Aerospace (GALCIT) | Space Technology Research

Space Technology. The goal of industrial utilization and exploration of space requires that one addresses a wide range of engineering problems. Examples of research activities include lightweight structures for large space apertures (specifically, space solar power satellites), deployable antennas, in-space manufacturing, material and structural behavior in extreme temperature and radiation ...

Space & Astronomy news | Technology Org

Space & astronomy, physics, information processing, live sciences, applied technologies

Smarter Disinfection with UV-C | Safe Space Technologies

Safe Space Technologies has met the moment with smarter disinfection solutions that deliver faster results. If you’re looking for a proactive approach to help your business combat a widespread health issue, SST has a solution. Smarter disinfection. Autonomous options for hands-free disinfection. Chemical Free . No handling or storage of toxic or corrosive chemicals. Less labor intensive ...

Home | House Committee on Science, Space and Technology

The House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. October 26, 2020 Chairwoman Johnson Questions DOE Secretary Brouillette on Pattern of Suppressed or Modified DOE Funded Reports

French Open: clean and greener tennis using space technology

Space technology is serving at the heart of the French Open. The tennis players’ showers at Roland Garros Stadium near Paris recycle their water to flush the locker room toilets, harnessing technology originally developed by ESA for astronauts on long-duration space missions, and employed operationally in Antarctica for the last 15 years.

IBM sends its open-source space technology into orbit ...

IBM Corp. is getting into the space race. The company announced two new open-source projects today that are aimed at solving the growing problem of “space junk” and also help startups to build a

space technology | Übersetzung Deutsch-Tschechisch

dict.cc | Übersetzungen für 'space technology' im Deutsch-Tschechisch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen, ...

space technology | Übersetzung Latein-Deutsch

dict.cc | Übersetzungen für 'space technology' im Latein-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen, ...

Werkstudent / Studentische Hilfskraft (M/W/D) in der ...

Die AST Advanced Space Technologies GmbH produziert Treibstoffversorgungseinheiten für elektrische Satellitenantriebe (Ionentriebwerke). Bei ASTs innovativen Konzepten steht vor allem auch die Serientauglichkeit der eingesetzten Technologien und Fertigungsprozesse im Mittelpunkt, um den sich zu Zeit entwickelnden Markt der Satelliten-(Mega-)Konstellationen in Punkto Stückzahl und Preis ...

Коммутатор Space Technology ST-S84POE

4987 RUR
ST-S84POE Space Technology

Space Technology / ST-S84POE / похожие


Вызывная панель Space Technology ST-P100 Black

1981 RUR
ST-P100 Space Technology

Space Technology / ST-P100 / похожие


Вызывная панель Space Technology ST-P202 Black

7927 RUR
ST-P202 Space Technology

Space Technology / ST-P202 / похожие


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Qiang Li Space Electronic Reconnaissance

Presents the theories and applications of determining the position of an object in space through the use of satellites As the importance of space reconnaissance technology intensifies, more and more countries are investing money in building their own space reconnaissance satellites. Due to the secrecy and sensitivity of the operations, it is hard to find published papers and journals on the topic outside of military and governmental agencies. This book aims to fill the gap by presenting the various applications and basic principles of a very modern technology. The space electronic reconnaissance system in mono/multi-satellite platforms is a critical feature which can be used for detection, localization, tracking or identification of the various kinds of signal sources from radar, communication or navigation systems. Localization technology in space electronic reconnaissance uses single or multiple satellite receivers which receive signals from radar, communication and navigation emitters in the ground, ocean and space to specify the location of emitter. The methods, principles and technologies of different space electronic reconnaissance localization systems are introduced in this book, as are their performances, and the various methods are explained and analysed. Digital simulations illustrate the results. Presents the theories and applications of determining the position of an object in space through the use of satellites Introduces methods, principles and technologies of localization and tracking in the space electronic reconnaissance system, the localization algorithm and error in satellite system and near space platform system, and the tracking algorithm and error in single satellite-to-satellite tracking system Provides the fundamentals, the mathematics, the limitations, the measurements, and systems, of localization with emphasis on defence industry applications Highly relevant for Engineers working in avionics, radar, communication, navigation and electronic warfare. Chapters include:– the introduction of space electronic reconnaissance localization technology, knowledge about the satellite orbit and basic terminology of passive localization, single satellite geolocation technology based on direction finding, three-satellite geolocation technology based on time difference of arrival (TDOA), two-satellite geolocation technology based on TDOA and frequency difference of arrival (FDOA), the single satellite localization technology based on kinematics theory, localization principles of near-space platform electronic reconnaissance systems, the orbit determination of single satellite-to-satellite tracking using bearings only(BO) information, the orbit determination of single satellite-to-satellite tracking using bearings and frequency information, the orbit determination of single satellite-to-satellite tracking using frequency only(FO) information. Each chapter ends with a problem and solution section, some using Matlab code.

13812.38 RUR

/ / похожие


Wilfried Ley Handbook of Space Technology

Twenty years since the first edition was published in the German language, and just over fifty years since the launch of the Earth’s first ever artificial satellite Sputnik 1, this third edition of the Handbook of Space Technology presents in fully integrated colour a detailed insight into the fascinating world of space for the first time in the English language. Authored by over 70 leading experts from universities, research institutions and the space industry, this comprehensive handbook describes the processes and methodologies behind the development, construction, operation and utilization of space systems, presenting the profound changes that have occurred in recent years in the engineering, materials, processes and even politics associated with space technologies and utilization. The individual chapters are self-contained, enabling the reader to gain a quick and reliable overview of a selected field; an extensive reference and keyword list helps those who wish to deepen their understanding of individual topics. Featuring superb, full colour illustrations and photography throughout, this interdisciplinary reference contains practical, hands-on engineering and planning information that will be invaluable to those on a career path within space technology, or simply for those of us who’d like to know more about this fascinating industry. Main section headings include: Introduction (historical overview, space missions) Fundamentals (orbital mechanics, aerothermodynamics/ reentry, space debris) Launch Vehicles (staged technologies, propulsion systems, launch infrastructure) Space Vehicle Subsystems (structure, energy supply, thermal controls, attitude control, communication) Aspects of Human Flight (man in space, life support systems, rendezvous and docking) Mission Operations (satellite operation, control center, ground station network) Utilization of Space (Earth observation, communication navigation, space astronomy, material sciences, space medicine, robotics) Configuration and Design of a Space Vehicle (mission concept, system concept, environmental simulation, system design, Galileo satellites) Management of Space Missions (project management, quality management, cost management, space law)

18455.56 RUR

/ / похожие


Taylor-Butler Christine Space: Planet Earth

Presents information about Earth, including its position, physical characteristics, rotation, and the technology used to study the planet.

755 RUR

/ / похожие


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